The Cattery

We have 16 garden facing pens all offering comfort and privacy. This is so important to the nervous or shy cat or for those cats that take a while adjusting to cattery life.

To avoid any contact between animals, but at the same time allowing sight of the neighbours, between each pen is a 60cm divide or "sneeze barrier", this also helps to reduce any feeling of isolation.

All cabins are heated with modern slim line panel heaters that provide a cosy temperature/environment for your pet.

We have family pens that will accommodate four or more cats, and for the elderly or those cats that have difficulty climbing, or jumping, we have cabins with full height doors with the cat flap at ground level that provides easy access to the heated sleeping area. All other pens have penthouse sleeping accommodation and will house two cats with absolute comfort. A wooden ramp provides access to the fully insulated cabin which is reached via a cat flap.

Each pen has a chair or chairs for the cats to sit on.

We provide bedding and toys, but do encourage owners to bring any small personal items that will make your pet feel more at home, e.g. scratching posts, favourite toys or item of owners clothing or even their own beds!

All cats are fed twice each day with the best quality foods, and water is provided at all times. Special diets can be catered for.